Gas Processing 

G&C is on the leading edge of technology for processing gas streams with a high carbon dioxide content.  

G&C has designed and evaluated numerous systems that utilize physical solvents. Our proprietary simulation model has been checked against existing plant operation and, therefore, provides state-of-the-art data for the design and operation of systems using a physical solvent. 

Hydrogen sulfide and nitrogen contamination of the methane fuel gas can also be removed economically.

G&C offers processing techniques for economical ethane liquefying without cryogenics.

If you have questions about our processing capabilities, please contact us at 1-877-784-1212.

Ask us how our processing employs energy conservation to give you more economical products. We are so confident about our processes that we offer to share in equipment costs and product revenues.

If you have a shut-in gas well, send the gas analysis to us for a processing appraisal, possible profit/cost sharing or purchase.


Oil Refinery Process Operations

Fuel & Natural Gas Process Economics

Permian filters are available for these uses:

  • Water - Residential and Industrial. Remove chlorine, chemical contamination, and sediment from water, municipal, household, R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) prefiltration, DI (Deionized) prefiltration
  • Consumer Products. Household and municipal water, prefilter for desalination
  • Plating. Process water, plating solutions
  • Food and Beverage. Soft drink process water, filtered bottled water, edible oil processing, beer, wine, oils, cola, bottled water
  • Chemicals. Polishing colloidal silica fluids, water polishing fluids, industrial chemical polishing, monomer filtration for PVC, cooling water, organic solvents, alkalies, acids, solvents, cooling water
  • Electronics. Printed circuit process water, plating solutions, precious metal recovery, planning solutions, DI water, semiconductors, metal recovery, photo resist
  • Photographic. Photo processors, photo emulsions, wash water, rinse water, chemicals, photo processors, photo emulsions, photo developers
  • Hospitals. Water, X-ray processing, dialysis prefiltration
  • Magnetic Coatings. Audio, video, computer tape, computer hard disks, solvents
  • Cosmetics. Oils, perfumes, creams, gels
  • Pharmaceuticals. Solvents, process water, cooling water, R.O. prefiltration
  • Paint and Ink. Process water, emulsions, pigments, dyestuffs
  • Oil Production. Secondary oil recovery, well completion, waterflood.
  • Filters are important in all G&C processes. We have found that filters are the most neglected part of many oil and gas processes in field production, petrochemical plants, and oil refineries. Filters save equipment, power, repairs, maintenance, and money and are a good investment for profitable operation. A good replacement program using a premium line of filters such as those found here insures that  processes like Gardner & Clark's will operate the way they are intended.

    Choose Permian for all your filter needs, whether you need

    The Permian line of filters includes 

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